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Feb 07

Henrys Taiwan Kitchen

When you venture into one of the top Taiwanese restaurants in Seattle as a newbie, the menu might seem intimidating. However, Taiwanese cuisine is not to be missed. Taiwanese food combines flavors and techniques from around the world and has become a major draw for foreign visitors. You can try many of the island nation's classic dishes right here in the Emerald City. Here are 8 must-try foods when you go out for Taiwanese food in Seattle. read more

Jan 20

Henrys Taiwan Kitchen

Want to go out for xiao long bao in Seattle? Although xiao long bao are referred to as dumplings outside of China, they're actually buns. Also known as soup dumplings, xiao long bao are a type of steamed bun from Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai in the Jiading district. The city of Shanghai has become synonymous with xiao long bao, which literally means "little basket buns". They are steamed in bamboo baskets and served hot, possibly with a side of clear soup. read more

Jan 13

Chef Henry

Henry's Taiwan Kitchen is featured in Phoenix Times again. read more

Jan 01

Chef Henry

Henry's Taiwan Voted the 20 best restaurants in Phoenix read more

Dec 13

Chef Henry

Stinky tofu, also known as chou dofu, is fermented tofu. As its name suggests, stinky tofu, well, stinks. Some say it smells like dirty socks, while others say its stench is akin to that of rotting cheese, dirty garbage, or manure. read more

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