Dec 05

Chef Henry

Review by Phoenix New Times: Henry's in Tempe: An Instantly Enjoyable Restaurant for Taiwanese Eats

by Chef Henry

Chef and restaurateur Henry Ku has been credited with putting Taiwanese food on the map in Seattle. And with the opening of his Tempe restaurant, Henry's Taiwan, in August, he's looking to do the same in the Valley.

Adding to the Asian island's melting pot of cooking styles from mainland China, Europe, and Japan, Ku blends the childhood memories of his homeland with the French cooking techniques he learned in the States. All of which help make Henry's Taiwan in Tempe a surprisingly accessible, affordable, and instantly enjoyable restaurant.


Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"There are very good black pepper chicken tenders, deep-fried chunks of dark chicken meat with a crisp, light skin seasoned with salt, pepper, and spices. Placed atop rice along with bits of pork belly, pickled radish, boiled bok choy, and a soy egg, it's more or less a bento box in a bowl. (For a more creative take, Ku also does a version that replaces the chicken with lamb chops crusted with a honey mustard glaze.) The popular Taiwanese dish Three Cup Chicken is excellent as well, its sweet sauce clinging to chunks of bone-in succulent meat adorned with handfuls of ginger, garlic, and basil."