“For the price you pay, I thought it was a very generous portion!”

“With every city that we visit if there is a Taiwanese restaurant, my boyfriend and I have to go try it out. We stumbled upon Henry's Taiwan. It's a quiet, little restaurant only a short distance away from the light rail stop. There's only about 10 little tables or so. Our waitress was very serious, but nice. She was very helpful to recommend the popular dishes and a few specials they had.

I ordered the Taiwanese Pork Chop Lunchbox. For the price you pay, I thought it was a very generous portion! Not the best Taiwanese pork chop I've ever had in my life, but it was tasty! We also ordered the oyster pancake. This was okay compared to others I've had. I thought the oyster was extra fishy tasting than I prefer. Along with the complimentary hot tea, I for some strange reason ordered a strawberry smoothie. Never done this at an Asian restaurant before. This was also surprisingly good. Super refreshing and you can taste the freshly blended strawberry chunks. Get it on a hot day!

I would definitely go here again to try out more dishes!”

Ling S.

Naples, FL

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